Thank you for your interest in Ward-Nasse Gallery.


Ward-Nasse Gallery
178 Prince Street
New York NY 10012 USA
phone 212 - 925 - 6951

Please send us your mailing address and we will respond with information on joining the gallery. We have recently closed our Chelsea gallery. The information that follows is about the Soho gallery. We have been open continuously in this street level location for 36 years.

Membership is $40 per year and $30 if you renew next year on time. $50 per year for foreign artists. You can keep a book in the resource center with your portfolio and resume, plus information about your work (two photos) in our resource index to allow people to reference your work.

Membership also allows you to keep your prints, drawings, photographs (i.e. flat work) in the print racks for sale to the public.

To show paintings or sculpture, or framed work on the walls costs $60 per month or $650 per year if paid in full.

We also offer a front room gallery for solo shows.

Ward-Nasse offers members a FREE CONSULTING SERVICE. This includes artists' books that are kept on display in the gallery during all exhibitons and entry of each artist into a computerized database organized according to style and media. The database allows for inquiries that will direct collectors and other art professionals to the books of artists appropriate for their needs.


Membership is only $40.00 per year.
$50 per year for foreign artists.

As a member you will keep a BOOK IN OUR RESOURCE CENTER (Ward-Nasse supplies binders), receive our quarterly newsletter and invitations to ongoing events and give input/vote on important gallery matters at Members' meetings. Additionally, you will be entered into our computerized database.

Each artist's book contains slides, photos or reproductions of their works along with a resume and other back-up material. The computerized database is organized according to style and media so that inquiries may be directed to the appropriate books providing curators, collectors and other art professionals a listing according to their needs. The database is available during gallery hours and is a free consulting service.

Note: There is no commission when clients are referred directly to the member artists.

Our 25% commission is only applicable to works that are hung in the gallery or contracts that are negotiated by a gallery representative.


To become a Artist Member, E-mail us your mailing address and we will respond with information on joining the gallery.

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