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Sunday June 20,1999 5 pm
P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center in Queens, NY Summer Studio Opening Extravaganza for the show "0044" : 20 contemporary Irish artists address issues of transnationality and indentity.

"What Ever Happened To Andre Stitt?"

Back in 1990 when Ward-Nasse Gallery was the hippest thing on Prince Street, when Margot Norton was the director and Alison Armstrong and Kerrin Kelly were helping plan the events, when The British Arts Council was footing the bills, The Belfast Video Collective was showing the way, Tara Babel was performing, and Nell Mc Cafferty was leading political discussions broadcast live on the radio from our gallery, back before Harry turned us into a poster shop, Andre Stitt became one of our favorite people.

So we were very happy to once again see Andre Stitt perform in New York City. The photo above shows (clockwise from upper left) Andre Stitt performing "The Butcher of Belfast" in Ward-Nasse Gallery during the fall of 1990. Andre Stitt today flanked by Margot Norton and Martha Wilson, director of Franklin Furnace which is currently sponsoring Mr. Stitt. Some of Andre's materials for the performance at P.S. 1, and the beginning of the performance at the top of the school-house steps watched by several hundred viewers.

We would like at this time to say thank you to Andre Stitt for his performance and installation at P.S. 1 and to say that we hope to see him back in this city sometime soon. We would also like to thank Kerrin Kelly for her continued support of Mr. Stitt during his stay in New York.

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Andre and Kerrin
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PS1 Summerstage
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