Ward-Nasse Past Events

While we hope that you had the opportunity to see many of these events, here is a brief sampling of Ward-Nasse's past offerings.

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The Beatles Sunday
We call it the PARTY of the YEAR
Artworks by Eric Cash and Georgina Flood
Smithereens front man Pat DiNizio, with accompaniment by the Scotch Plainsmen
Hosted by Rick Wey

Olan Montgomery
POP Book Opening
We call it the PARTY of the YEAR
Once again we thank our good friend OLAN
Hosted by Kenny Kenny and Gazelle and OLAN

Museum of Modern Art, Scope Art Fair, The Armory Show, Ward-Nasse Gallery:
It is all the same to our good friend Andre Stitt.

Olan Montgomery
Lovable, Huggable and On Fire!!
We call it the PARTY of the YEAR
And it is all because of our good friend OLAN

Shoes and Handcuffs
A Lesson in Fashion and Restraint

Denny's Movie Bedroom
Movies on Sunday Night with Denny and Nina.

Block Party Weekend Salon 2000
The final St Anthony's Summer Feast. We will miss it alot.

Early One Morning One day last spring
Lady Godovia beats a path to our door.

"Isko Suno" Saturday September 25,1999 3 pm
The world-beat band Isko Suno performing during The Salon 2000 Fall Opening.

What Ever Happened To Andre Stitt Sunday June 20,1999
Ward-Nasse goes looking for Andre Stitt and finds him at P.S. 1 in Queens.

Armani and Lucy Fox Friday March. 26,1999 9pm
In conjunction with Side Show, Ward-Nasse presents sound installation by aural-artist Kelly Taxter.

A Day Without Art -Tuesday, December 1,1998
In conjunction with Art From the Heart, Ward-Nasse darkens its window one day a year.

Realism/Illusion -Saturday , October 10,1998
Our good friend Anthony Yannone creates an illusionary work on and behind our front window.

The Honkabilly Brothers - Friday, October 31,1997 9 pm
In conjunction with the show Extra Dimensional/Eye of the Camera, a special outdoor appeareance of the rockabilly-band the Honkaberry Brothers.

Cut From the Same Cloth - Friday, April 25,1997 9 pm
Sofi Ona hamer explores life with a twin sister.

The Empress Has No Clothes - Friday, January 31,1997 9 pm
In conjunction with show, Naked:The Natural State of Being, a performance in the buff by Sofia Ona Hammer and Synthia Sunday

Kopeyia Ghana School Fund - Thursday, October 17,1996 8 pm - 12:30 am
An evening celebrating traditional food, artifacts, and video presentation.

Lunule - Saturday, October 12,1996 8 pm - 12:30 am
An evening celebrating new beginnings. Performed by Sofia Ona Hamer and many others.

UrbanRising - Friday, September 6,1996 8pm
Performed by Divided Complemtary Harmony. DCH is Kevin Graham/Aquamarine, Sofi-ona Hamer/Blood Red, and Julio Contreras/Emerald Green.

Summer Filmmaker Series - Summer 96

Naked Rising from the Solitude of the Silence - Friday, April 26,1996 6-8pm
By Sofi-ona Hamer: performance artwork in progress

Eat My Hat and Naked Truths - February 22, 1996
An evening of innovative and experimental wearable art salvaging the spirit of wast not want not. Performance Art by Spontaneous Backbones.

Blessing of the Animals @ Ward-Nasse - 1996
A priest from St. John the Divine came to the gallery to bless pets.

Sal Principato - 1994/1995
New York City musical impresario showcase of outer borough music, poetry and politics.

Media Life - June 1993
New York University computer arts students demonstrate their real-time multi-media computer graphic creations.

Pernod Liquid Art Parties - 1993/1994
A series of evenings for art lovers sponsored by the well-known French liquor company.

Magazine Parties - 1993/1994
Parties held for such well known magazines as Appearances, Dis, and Lusty Mover.

Sunday Night Open Video Screenings - Fall/Spring 1992/94
Twenty evenings of video and film screenings open to all video and film artists. Organized by Robert Curcio and Laura Clemons.
Sponsored by Emerson Radio Corp, The Tape House, and Editing Concepts, Inc., New York.

Unopposed Estrogen - November 1992
Fiction and poetry readings by six outstanding women writers. Held in conjunction with the exhibition, Women Depict Men. Organized by Margot Norton.
This event sponsored in part by Poets & Writers, Inc. with funds from the Literature Department of the New York State Council on the Arts and with a major grant to Poets & Writers from the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund and Ward-Nasse Gallery.

Thursday Night Performance and Music Series - Fall/Spring 1992/93
Organized by Robert Curcio and Kerrin Kelly.
Supported by Ward-Nasse and by Il-Corallo Restaurant.

The Journey Home - June 1992
Benefit to support the actual journey home of Guatemalan refugees. Music, multi-media entertainment, and art sale. All monies donated to Guatemalan refugees.

Thursday Night Music Series - Fall 1991
Organize by Kerrin Kelly.
Funded by Ward-Nasse Gallery.

A Good Artist Is A Dead Artist - June 1991
Performance by a Paris collaborative group of squat artists who cover the front of the gallery and several adjoining buildings with paintings. Special event celebrating the opening of Salon '91 including work by 180 artists from all over the globe.

Wyoming - September 1991
Dance concert by Patricia Cremins & Dancers.
Funded by Ward-Nasse Gallery.

Clairseach - March 1991
Anne and Charlie Heyman perform classical Irish harp music.
Sponsored by Irish Books & Graphics Company and Ward-Nasse Gallery.

Cheap Art - January 1991
Wall installation by Max Schuman during the show Patterns and Repetitions.
Funded by Ward-Nasse Gallery.

Tara Babel/Andre Stitt - October 1990
Organize by Margot Norton and Alison Armstrong.
Performances funded by The British Arts Council and Ward-Nasse Gallery.

New York Citiscapes - May 1990
Hudson Valley artists paint and auction works the same day. Curated by Leslie Watkins.
Sponsored by The Garrison Art Center and Ward-Nasse Gallery.

Conflict Resolution Through the Arts: Focus on Ireland - March 1990
Panel Discussion: including Nell McCafferty and Neil Hickey.
Video screenings, films, performances, and Poets and Writers funded Irish Reading Series.

Trash Art Benefit - October 1989
Arthur Danto and Joseph Masheck offer serious criticism to artists for a $2 donation.

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