; Ward-Nasse ZSELICS, Ana

Ana Zselics

Abstract #16
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Abstract #6
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1972 - at Mesbla's (oil painting)
1978 - at Oficina's (oil painting)
2000 - with the Brazilian teacher Glaucia Braga Maggi, honored painter- here Ana became familiar with abstract painting in acrylic techniques and with watercolor painting techniques To challenge colors and techniques is her greatest pleasure.


1972 - Group show at "ASBA'S", Brazil
2000 - Individual show at "Hilarion Institute" - Brazil
2001 - Individual show at "Mali Villas Boas" - Brazil
200l - Group show at "Mali Villas Boas" - Brazil
2001 - Individual show at "Franz Cafe" - Brazil
2002 - Group show at New Century Gallery, New York City, USA

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