Barbara Zietchick

Autumn Glory
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Butterfly Bush
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Collagraph - City
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Desert Song
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Joy of Summer
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Under the Sea
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"Painting and world travel are intertwined in my life. I remember the places I have been, the colors, shapes, and scenery, as well as the mood they evoked. I try to communicate their essence too others, and to share my expriences with thm through my art. I remember my feelings about my travels long after I have returned. Images appear in my work that surprise and amaze me.

I find that painting and printmaking are adventures; one starts with a blank canvas, or a piece of paper and, through the creative process, ens up with a work of art. One has to maintain integrity of spirit, and remain true to one's self."

Barbara Zietchick received her undergraduate degree from Hunter College, and graduate degrees from Wagner College and Richmond College, New York State. She works at the New Jersey Center for Visual Arts with George Mueller, and is a monotyper with membership in the Printmaking Council of New Jersey She has exhibited her work extensively in individual and group shows in New Jersey,as well as Erwinna, Pa., and New York City.

Barbara Zietchick can be reached by E-mail at this address:

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