Kyoko Yamaji

African Secret

Girl Horse


Kissing Calf

Merengue On The Beach

Peace Day


I was born in 1967 and mostly brought up in Tokyo, Japan. After having travelled the savanna in Africa, I've dedicated to paint love, bravery, strength and other feelings I experienced.

Art Fairs

Frankfuter Buch Messe 2005

ARTE-FAMA (Almeria/Spain, 2005)


Art Collection 2005 in Melbourne

Soho Face Gallery (New York, 2005)

Galer’a Sala Barna (Barcelona, 2004, 2005)

Nasu International Biennale (Japan, 2004)

ARTEC (Paris, 2003)

The Asia Modern Art Exhibition (Tokyo, 2002)

Japan Gold Pictures (Tokyo, 2003)

Japan Seiko Art Association Exhibition (Tokyo, 2002, 2003)

Salon Des Beaux-Arts (Tokyo, 2002)

The Modern Art Association Exhibition (Tokyo, 2002)

All-Japan Art Salon Pictures Grands-Prix (Tokyo, 2002)

The Roman Exhibition (Tokyo, 2002)

The Syuyokai Exhibition (Tokyo, 2002)


Grand Prix (Art Style Museum 9th Art Contest, 2005)

Award for International Exchange (Nasu International Biennale, 2004)

Award from the Canadian Embassy (Japan Seiko Art Association, 2003)

Award for the Harmony of colors (ARTEC 2003)

Merit Award B (Internet International Art/Photo Contest, 2003)

Award for Works (Japan Gold Pictures, 2003)

Award for New Artists (Japan Seiko Art Association, 2002)

Award from the Critics (Japan Seiko Art Association, 2002)

Award for Efforts (The Asia Modern Art Exhibition, 2002)

Award for Encouragement (Salon Des Beaux-Arts, 2002)

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