Grace Wojtowicz

Becoming Part of Safaga

What is in G's Heart


Since childhood I have always showed interest in drawing and painting constantly involved in every art project available.

Furthering my education in the University of Economy in Cracow and working in a jewelry industry I started painting along side of a famous polish painter and composer Tadeusz Luczejko. Increasingly immersing in the art world I also caught an interest of a television media company.

I've traveled all over the world, conquering almost all the continents have led me to North America; specifically my favorite city of New York. During my travels I've had prized a treasure for a moment to be a part of others realities and also gathered unique ideas for my paintings.

I love to paint, I especially enjoy when others find my work interesting and visually stimulating. I'm happy to ignite the imaginations of other artists, bring memories and reflect emotions.

Each of my recipients individually interprets them in its own way and therefore this kind of reception and fascination is most rewarding. I hope that you perceive them warm and are the next to enjoy them.


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