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For Baudelaire, a work of art is made of two elements: one, eternal and invariable, which is contributed by the artists's personality, and the other, relative, temporary and circumstantial, with reference to the period.
My hand dances to the sound of my experience, the only eternal element of one's personality. Urging and rapidly, it moves between enigmatic figures which become longer in infinite and temporary time, invariable and circumstantial, directing the brush between analogies and theories of color. However, when my hand dances best, is when it rhythmically represents the soul's unchained disturbances.


1982 School of Applied Arts, Burgos. Specialty in gilding.
1987-1989 Studies of the English language, Columbia University, New York.
1982-1992 A.A.S. Degree in Interior Design, New School for Social Research, Parsons School of Design, New York.
1993-1994 Studies with Professor of Fine Arts, Amadeo Rocca, Madrid.
1993-1998 Master of Fine Arts (Painting), Faculty of Fine Arts, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, Spain.


1998 World Economic Forum, Hotel Belvedere - Davos, Switzerland.
2000 Cultural Center "Anabel Segura", Madrid.
Studio Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Madrid
Art Gallery Victoria Hidalgo, Madrid.
2001 Gallery Design Consortium, Cincinnati, OH
2002 Gallery Ofelia, Madrid
2004 Gallery Orfila, Madrid
2004 Gallery Agurcho Iruretagoyena, Pamplona
2005 Gallery Akka, Valencia


1994-1997 First Exhibitions of paintings at various shopping centers in Madrid.
1999 Gallery "Jovenart", Madrid.
Art Fair "Artemania", Madrid.
Ward-Nasse Gallery, New York, USA.
2000 Montserrat Gallery, New York, NY.
Gallery Design Consortium, Cincinnati, OH.
Ward-Nasse Gallery, New York, NY.
Art Fair "Interarte" (with "Maika " Gallery ), Valencia
Art Fair "Artemania", Madrid
2001 International Association of Women in the Arts, Madrid
ArtExpo, New York, NY
Ward-Nasse Gallery, New York, NY
Arte Santander, Spain.
Artexpo San Francisco, CA
2002 Gallery Crisolart, Barcelona
2003 Ward-Nasse Chelsea Gallery, New York, NY


Galeria Orfila, Madrid.

A number of her paintings are distributed amongst several international corporate art collections, such as Mercedes-Benz-Berlin, Investcorp Bank-Bahrain, Healey & Baker- Madrid, and a number of private collectors.

Nationality: Spanish
Place of Birth: Valencia/Spain


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2004 / 2005 Maria Aparici von Puttkamer

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