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Chris Towsley is a 50 year old single father of two from Ashton, Ontario, Canada. He now looks back on an interesting career of successful exhibiting and artistic opportunities. For ten years he showed at the now closed Infusion Bistro on Bank St. in Ottawa. After several acclaimed appearances in art shows, one of which earned a spot on the national news, and several editorial commentaries in the local newspapers, he then became the protege of Canada's best known glazier, Eric Wesselow.

Towsley, given the opportunity to acquire a considerable amount of Mr.Wesselow's glass, left un-utilized since His passing in the late '80's, went on to produce some remarkable pieces of "Glass Fusion" based on the patented "Light Through" process perfected by Eric Wesselow. Although the process was changed from the original, and the work, not near as dynamic as the master's, Towsley's glass work is a testimony to the greatness of Eric Wesselow. The fact that it was produced from the ashes so to speak, postumously, is a small testimony of Chris Towsley's innovative abilities to produce art within a style that was really his only goal as an artist to begin with: Art quite feasibly unique but to Himself.

He is forever indebted to the 'committed to excellence' staff of the Ward-Nasse Gallery, New York, NY, and in particular to curator Harry Nasse who coined the term "Obsidian Effect" while Towsley was producing His 'Futuristic' black and chrome abstracts. He also wants to mention and thank board member Robert "Bob" Morgan for accepting him as more than an "Outsider" in New York City in the year 2000.

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