John Teppich

King of Spades
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John Teppich was born in 1917 in Berlin, Germany, where he received his art education. After leaving Nazi Germany, he lived and studied in France, England, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Subsequently he settled in New York City.

From 1946 to 1962, he was a free-lance illustrator and graphic designer in New York City. From 1962 to 1981, he was a faculty member of the High School of Art and Design, NYC. John has been a member of the Ward-Nasse Gallery since 1981.

His style reflects his own vision which has changed and evolved in response to the mysterious in nature and in life. His work expresses facination with the absurd as well as the love of color, line, and texture. Fantasy masks, enigmatic beings, mystical birds, butterflies and fish - they all hint at remote, unfathomable pasts and at worlds that "dreams are made of."

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