Ilya Schar

Apricot Tree

Butterflies 2

Artist Biography:

My artwork is created solely using precious and semi-precious gemstones and minerals applied to wooden panels. Crushing and polishing the stones by hand, I reveal the brilliant colors hidden within. No paint is used in the two/three-dimensional compositions. Each of my works contains hundreds of different types of gems, ranging in size from a bean to a grain of sand. It takes me 3 to 4 months to create one painting.

As a life-long collector of minerals, I began using them as an art medium in the1970's. During early experiments crushing stones, I made an astonishing discovery. I found that certain gems would change color when ground into powder. Black Agate, for example, becomes red when ground. Rhodonite, a rose colored stone, becomes grey when crushed. Black Onyx becomes red, black Sphalerite becomes brown, and green Calcite becomes white when crushed or ground.

I was fascinated with the stones color potential and this discovery gave me the idea to paint using pigment from the stones instead of oil colors. I've always wanted to show that gemstones are not just for jewelry, their wonderful colors can be used for many other purposes, which I've tried to demonstrate through my art.

Currently I am being represented by three galleries:

GALLERY M - Vienna, Austria
Ward-Nasse Gallery - New York, NY
Amsterdam Whitney Gallery- New York, NY

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