Yifat Shoham

Portrait of a Winner 2013

Sylvester Stallone 1999

Creative Vision

When creating a portrait, it is the transition from observation to strokes of paint that flow as a voyage, making a portrait come to life and as unique as the person it represents.

Artist Biography

Born in Haifa Israel, I was exposed to art and music by my family at a young age. Daily I would pass a Henry Matisse's reproduction in my parents' kitchen. His painting influenced my view of art. Since my teenage years I knew I had to be a professional artist. After completing 2 years of service in the Israeli army, I attended art school in both France and Israel to perfect my talent.

Currently I reside in New York.




Professional Art Experience

1992-2015 Freelance Portrait Artist, New York, NY

1994-1999 Artist Assistant for Elizabeth Murray, New York, NY

1997-1997 Commissioned Portrait for Singer Jon Secada

1990-1991 Freelance Advanced Portrait Artist, Paris, France

1987-1990 Freelance Portrait Artist, Jerusalem, Israel

Art Exhibitions

Oct 2013 - Present SaatchiOnline.com/yifat13

Oct 2013 - Present Ward-Nasse Gallery, New York

April 1997 "World" Mural World, New York, NY

May 1992 Zeus Gallery, Haifa Israel

May 1991 Terminal Golf Club Gallery, Jerusalem, Israel

August 1988 Group Exhibition, Dizengof Center, Tel Aviv, Israel

August 1984 Coral Sea Hotel Gallery, Eilat, Israel


1986 - Bezale Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem, Israel

1992 - Institution Ecole Des Beaux Arts Paris, France

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