Lara Salonen

Tornado In the Corn

Doorways to Oblivion


Artist statement:

Photography is the key element in my universe of expression. By melding art and photography I create imagery that represents my vision of the world. Through photography I'm able to capture my intended subject, and the ensuing integration of art allows me to mold my vision therein. The unification of these two disciplines empowers me to be more creative, thus opening up endless possibilities of expression. It is through post processing that I'm able to best convey the emotional turmoil that the world stirs up inside of me. The employment of cross-processing, darkening and lightening—as well as the use of selective coloring—is intended to probe the depths of my soul and provide dramatic and meaningful tones to the subject in behalf of the viewer

In my current images, the dark, gloomy, and surreal atmospheres manifested are intended to embrace the world's sinister underbelly, too often feared, and evoke a dreamlike state in the viewer that shape-shifts between the pragmatic and impossible—eventually morphing into one's unshackled fearlessness and emancipated enjoyment. In my constant striving to acquire "the perfect image," my primary hope is that I can bring a greater sense of joy and understanding to those with whom I'm able to share my work.

Born: Amarillo Texas, 1985
Texas Tech University, Lubbock Texas 2003
Midland Collage, Midland Texas, 2001-2002


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