Elena Salinas

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Born in Argentina, I am well traveled, have spent three years in Europe and have been living in New York and Pennsylvania since 1975.

I studied art at the Escuela de Bellas Artes in Argentina and the New School, the School of Visual Arts and the Arts Students League, in New York.

I have also studied Decoration, Photography and Interior Design, the latter also being related to drawing and the study of color.

I have been an Antique Dealer in this country and an Art Dealer with liaisons in Europe and South America.

I speak several languages. I am a School Teacher, an Editor and Translator, and as such, I worked 19 years for the United Nations.

My studies, a demanding job and a very long illness kept me from doing what I like most, i.e. painting.

Although I have exhibited before in my country, it is here and now that I am dedicated -body and soul- to painting.

For me, art is synonimous of passion, creativity is a gift from God and the enjoyment of both have always been a fascinating, thrilling and spiritual experience for me. I could even say that art is a condition si ne qua non in my life.

My paintings are executed mostly in acrylic with strong and vivid colors and texture, conveyed through expressionism which, by its own definition, depicts the urgency, inmediacy, passionate, subconscious and surreal of my imaginary worlds, landscapes and circumstances.

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