John Sprogis

Executive Monkey
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Kodiak Moment
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This Toronto born artist, with French Canadian and Latvian roots, currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

This artist has been exposed to some of the most inspiring and creative people in and out of the Art World. In Sprogis' work this artist deals with the ideas and memories of all those great people that he has had the opportunity to be exposed to .

Sprogis has always appreciated animals, nature, family, and friends, however, the biggest struggle in Sprogis' life, like many North Americans, has been the struggle with finding balance in his life; at times his work has been all consuming and friendships, relationships and family have all been neglected. Sprogis is passionate about his art and says that painting has been his vehicle to get closer to his innermost feelings.

Sprogis' work has been promanantly displayed in several Ward-Nasse shows, including Landscape Escape, Art from the Heart , and The Internet Show which includes four pieces which are painted on glass from a 100 year old Brooklyn home. The titles include: "Executive Monkey," "General Seating," "Kodiak Moment," and "Money Grubber."

This artist is grateful to all those people that have supported him through his darker moments and hopes that through his art they will recognize his true gratitude.

Artist's Quote: " Mom, Dad thanks for giving me the Wings to Fly. And while it may not be written on a bench in the Rockies yet, however, I will never forget those Mount Indefatiguables along the way"

To contact the Artist:

Phone 718. 875-0732
Address :
506 Henry Street , Studio #3
Brooklyn, New York

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