Stella Sariyanidou

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Stella Sariyanidou

5 Veli Street

166 75 Glyfada

Athens, Greece

Tel. No: (30l) 89 80 228

Fax No.: (30l) 42 93 365

Stella Sariyanidou is a mixed media artist using various materials such as glass, stone, shells, and other organic substances. Her unusual perspective along with the unique manner in which she makes use of these materials allows her to produce beautiful and haunting works which are universally appealing.

The two pieces shown are from her nineteen-piece series of her most recent work during the periods from 1993 to 1998. She recombines discarded materials found within her srurrounding environment (Rocks,shells, glass, etc), breathing new life into these individually meaningless objects.

Stella was born and raised in Greece. She found the peace to develop these pieces in a small studio overlooking the Saronic coast. The first exhibition of her work in the United States took place at Ward-Nasse Gallery in April of 1998.

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