Ufemia Rizk

Graceful Ascent

Multiple Dimensions

Recherche Geometrique




Artist Statement

"Art is a Universal language. It is the creation of an inner world to penetrate the mysteries of the Universe. It is a necessity of capturing and expressing a vision of cosmic forces."

Artist Biography

I was born in Jaffa into what I consider to be a family with a rich cultural background. My late father besides being an ophthalmologist, was a professional photographer and a violinist. My late mother an accomplished pianist, used to perform in the most important concert halls in Cairo. I grew up listening to the music of Chopin, Liszt and Brahms, though Bach left the most influence on my art. During my travels, mainly to Europe, my first priority was to visit Museums and art galleries where I discovered Kandinsky who has also influenced me and my art.

I was raised in Lebanon, lived in Egypt where discovered of Egyptian art and Egypt's ancient civilizations. Later in Jordan where I discovered the Nabateans, Byzantians, Roman and Greek civilizations. Studied art with Fahrelnissa Zeid a great artist of L'Ecole de Paris who came from Paris to settle in Jordan. My first exhibition was at Katia Granoff Gallery in Paris 1979, since I had 12 solo exhibitions between France, Jordan, Italy, Canada and the United Arab Emirates. Participated in over 50 group exhibitions in France, Japan, Jordan, Switzerland, Italy, former USSR, Romania, Canada, Tunisia and the United States of America. I am a recipient of Many awards and distinctions from France, Japan, Italy, Romania and Canada. In 1984 I am nominated Societaire du Salon d'Automne at the Grand Palais in Paris. In 1993 I came to live in Montreal and get my inspiration from the New World.

As an artist I trace this magic sign of human existence by telling a story with my brush and color and unifying them on a white canvas. Behind these forms,colors, lines and what unifies them, is my own way of singing the melody of the world.

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