Jorge Luis Rincon

Bano de Hombres




Born December 14, 1968, Bogota, Colombia
Residing in Bogota, Colombia, and Arlington, Virginia
Colombia Phone Numbers: (H): 4372208. / (C) 312 423-5891

Occupational Profile

More than five years in the fields of painting and graphic design, and in the development of creative and artisanal arts.

Education and Area of Studies

High School: Colegio Manuela Beltran, (1989)

Technical Workshops: Centro Nacional de Industria Grafica y Afines SENA, (2000)
Computer Diagramming, Serigraphs, Lithography, Engraving Workshop
Photo-editing Workshop, Book Binding Workshop

Artistic Studies: Los Andes University, (1997)
Art workshops-Painting
Alliance Fran¨oise: Art Photography

Internship: Kambala Workshops, Henry Rozo, Director, 2001-2006: Restoration, painting (oil and pastels), and marquetry


Ward-Nasse Gallery New York, NY (SoHo District) 2013

Urban Art New York, New York (July 7 to 27/ 2013)

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