Ellen Groth Reddie (Artoony)

Hibiscus Ladies
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Girl with Parrots
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Ellen Groth Reddie (Artoony)
Born in Norway now living in the UK.
E-mail: ellen@artoonfactory.co.uk

I had my basic art training at Einar Granum kunstfagskole in Oslo Norway. I have experienced with different ways of expressing myself ever since, using tradition oil painting, water colour , silk painting , and sculpturing with pape mache.

Lately I have started using the computer screen as a canvas, still free hand drawing but with the tools of today. I love brilliant colours and I want my artwork to make people feel good. My work are only available as limited edition prints and never more than 200.

My fascination has always been with the early surrealists like Dali and Magritte as well as the 60s pop art with Lichtenstein as my favourite.

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