W. Timothy Ryan

Unlabled # 4
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Offal Experience - Doctor's Office
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Offal Experience - Catherine House
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Offal Experience - Doctor
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In 1974, I was burned in a house fire at the age of 19 months. Throughout my hospitalized childhood, the discovery of art had been the first and only window to a world of self-expression. A virtual space derived from the internal 'Self' provided me the stability for a source of self- recognition and actualization.

In my works, I aspire to evoke the idea of a metaphorical mirror conceived to reflect past experiences through nameless emotion. The exterior representation of my paintings refers to the female nude as a symbol of our mass cultural idea of Beauty observed throughout the history of art. Beneath the surface, I employ the female nude in conjunction with my own learned perception of objectification. The opposite gender emphasizes the spotlight of such objectification in assimilation with the societal values placed upon individual physicality.

By manipulating the figure form, I am exposing the perception of the collective minds' eye. I strive to create anomalies inviting the viewer to ponder the reasoning of dividing distinctions between beauty and aesthetics, life and art.

W. Timothy Ryan

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