Rita Renella

Les Visages D' Asilah: Old Woman Passing

Les Visages D' Asilah: Moroccan Artist Singing

Les Visages D' Asilah: Little Boy Passing

Fatima Z.

Big Mali Woman in Red

Big Mali Man in Green



Self-Taught, Discovered Art as a Child. At 20 she Hitchhiked Across the World, it took 11 years! Illustrated Journals, Captured Places Untouched by Time. Today many No Longer Exist Due to War: Always Final, Never the Solution. Her Unique Black & White Art reflects a Love of Ancient Cultures. "I seek Beauty & Wisdom, then Present the Visual Images for you to enjoy."

In Summer 2001 I was the only American chosen to create a Wall Mural in Asilah, Morocco for their Annual Cultural Festival! It was a Fabulous Artistic Adventure. Combining Black Line Perspectives and Paint, my mural attracted International Photographers, Journalists and Tourists as well as Natives! Casbah Residents Thanked Me for depicting their home with Accuracy, Beauty & Dignity. The Experience was Unforgettable. A Book of Portraits & a Series of Etched Panels records this Wonderful Event.

Exhibits Span 3 Decades & 5 Continents.

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