Diego Quijano

Series Advertising: 'Season'
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Series Advertising: 'to Use'
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Diego Andres Quijano works in mixed media on photographic paper and other materials. His work is always experimental in nature, with the central theme of woman, to which he adds constructive elements. He works in series. Born in Bogota, Colombia, Mr. Quijano has shown in several group and solo exhibitions, inlcuding the Fifth Regional Salon in Bogota, along with the most recognized artists in Colombia such as Fernando Botero.

"My work is always experimental in nature. Mixed media or formal techniques, with the central theme of Woman, to which I add constructive elements. I work in series, as is the case of 'Eros', 'Advertising', and 'Homage' to the work of the great masters."

The works suggest strength of spiritual eroticism; there is a deliberate attempt to create an atmosphere of mystery, violence and mysticism where eroticism is linked with a pulse as it appeares related to religious sacrifice and mystical ecstasy.


2002 Coral Spring Museum of Art, The Great Art Plate Affair

l998 The Florida Museum of Hispanic and Latin American Art.

1992 Fifth Annual Regional Exhibition. Show with all the great masters of Columbia including Fernando Botero, Bogota, Colombia

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