Debra Peterson

The Potter and the Clay
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The Resurrection
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Artist Statement

The Artist becomes one with his art. It is a personal and intimate experience in a search to the soul. A path of intensity so far reaching it surpasses the ME and reaches to the US. Visualizing a creator, a savior, humanity or lack of is an attempt to evoke feelings from the heart of the viewer, freeing us to think outside of the proverbial box. Nature proclaims we are linked to each other. When we take those links and break them for our own self serving purposes we recreate the links into chains entrapping us all. A chain reaction imposed by us to destroy our freedom as a race. What if there is a helper, a savior, a comforter and a creator. What if ?

Artist Biography

All my life my art set out to make known injustices imposed by others or self imposed. It was never my intention to create for decor or distraction but rather to open the minds and the hearts of the viewer. To evoke emotions of change. To right that which is wrong and search for righteousness.

The medium I have chosen reflects my desire to make a statement. In drawing with Ink I am bound to every line drawn. There is no changing it or going over it. Even Charcoal in itself has its' limitations. Through that finality is where I find my freedom. The restrictions set before me become opportunities to search for different paths which I believe sets my work apart.

When I began drawing, I only used black ink. I did not want to distort my view with color. I wanted to make a statement that as a result would come across to you as Black and White. Something was missing. As a child, I loved using charcoal, I never lost that love. When combining the two mediums, it worked. One complemented the other while allowing me to introduce power vs. weakness, etc. I have reached a point where my art is demanding a surge of color. I can feel it and it is not to be colorful but to recreate what has already been created.

I offer my work to you, the viewing audience. This work is to open your minds and your hearts to the realities surrounding us in the person next to you or even your own personal struggle.
Thank You.

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