Stan Pollock

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Lateralization of Paint
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Artist Statement

I remember as a child being captivated by the complex forms in the clouds and trying to draw the myriad shapes floating overhead. Another of my favorites was to draw a continuos line scribbled around a piece of paper, from which I would fill in some of the enclosed shapes, much like a Picasso. In the Ô60s, typical hippie/love art and rhythms in nature became subjects for my paintings.

Over the next couple of decades, I studied art at local colleges and through many art books. Although locked in the many stereotypical subjects for drawing, oil and watercolors, this served me well in understanding of art technique.

In December of 1999, I found a book on Jackson Pollock and was intrigued. The forms, balance and color were amazing, and I bought every book on his art I could find. I spent the year painting and developing my own style, similar but distinctly different from JacksonŐs, although his art had the most influence on my style. My technique continues to evolve.

Incorporating metallic paints, sand and salt into my work, I apply them to canvas using an alternative method to dripping. Sometimes, I use several chemicals to produce complex marbling textures and finishes.

I currently have exhibits at KirklandŐs Park Lane Gallery, Artists Gallery of Seattle, and the Washington Mutual Building. In New York, I am representd by Ward-Nasse Gallery.

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