Joan Podel

Waltzing Matilda
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Purity Pearls II
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Cup of Cocoa Sir?
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The Offering
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Polly Want a Creme Cracker?
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A Room of One's Own
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Joan Podel is a mixed media artist working in several mediums: weaving, photography, box construction, painting and collage.

Joan's current body of work is "The Construction of Dreams: Uncharted Territory".

The intention of my work is the fusion of images woven together by the process of taking certain images, manipulating and collaging them on paper and then weaving them together. This process creates surreal and abstract results. The various forms create mysterious patterns. The finished compositions seem to shimmer and play, even vibrate, as the fractured forms alternately differentiate themselves from one another and then fuse again. I draw from the seductive, surreal and often isolating world of fashion, print media and window displays.

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