Ralph Pearce

Muse of the Cultural Creative
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Ralph Pearce celebrates the transfigured post-modern. His figurative sculpture celebrates those who have been able to transcend to a new level of civilization. Their values are derived not from authoritarian institutions but from intuitive and deductive logic, deep emotion, rationalization , and a marked sensuality that prizes life and the love of it. His figurative work is a new celebration of the rise of the cultural creative. Incorporating the aesthetics of classical sculpture, but immersing the subject into post-modern themes that contemporary thinkers will embrace.

Ralph Pearce, M.D., is a 45-year old physician-artist deeply committed to th idea that our society can produce an exquisite style of life not yet experienced by most. Studied in classical philosophy and continually absorbing the best of ne social thought, he now expresses this philosophy in bronze. He is a self-taught artist influenced by present-day masters such as Giancarlo Biagi, Jil Burkee, Eugene Daub, and Stanley Bleifeld as well as masters of the past such as Paul Manship, Erte, and Carpeaux. He celebrates the rise of the ne subculture known as the culture creative.

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