Pedro Pablo

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The Dreamer
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Nude #2
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The Dreamer #1
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Lady by the Shore
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Escuela Nacional de Instructores de Arte National Art Instructors School Siboney, Havana, Cuba 1975-1979 Arts and Literatue Degree - 1979

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: 1976-1979 High School Art Teacher Artemesa High School, Havana, Cuba

ADDITIONAL PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES Escuela Nacional de Autores Musicales National Songwriters School Malecon 107, Havana, Cuba 1974 - 1980

Completed apprenticeship at the Workshop, and under the tutelage of Mr. Heriberto Manero,at Mariano, Havana Cuba. Exhibited work at Manero's Workshop.

I sell my paintings to private collectors in the United States while I continue to create paintings for my personal collection, and for art exhibits. Sale of artwork and paintings to foreign , national and private collectors is currently an on-going activity.

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