Eva Novotny




Evolution of Rose

Jonah and Big Fish

She Knows

I have been inclined to painting and drawing since my childhood. I later studied drawing and painting in state school of art in Brno, former Czechoslovakia, now Czech Republic. I came to USA from central Europe as a political refugee from communist regime, and later became a US citizen.

I am interested in relationship between colors and forms, and moods and feelings, expressing it in my computer generated graphics, which are mix of of my paintings, drawings and photographs, as well as by my hand made collages.

I have exhibited in Ward-Nasse Gallery since 2000, and my work has been appreciated and bought by many gallery visitors from USA and Europe. I also participated in the exhibit "The Mind of the Artist" (January 4 to February 31, 2003 at the Ward-Nasse Chelsea Gallery.

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