Mitsushige Nishiwaki

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Mitsusige Nishiwaki (etching artist)

After graduation of university in Tokyo, I worked for an industrial company. I was in charge of business in Europe and traveled almost all Europe from Portugal, Spain, Germany, U.K., France to Eastern Europe. These experiences help me to create my works.

After having worked for an industrial company in Japan, I left for Graduate School in Arizona, USA to study graphic design. After graduation, I had worked for advertising agencies in New York City as a graphic designer.

Having worked for agencies, I returned to Tokyo and became an etching artist (self studied). I have worked for publishing companies, advertising agencies, and hotels in Tokyo.

I create etchings not only for art but also for graphic design (advertisement, show window displays, invitation cards).

Please advise me when there are any opportunities.

Mitsushige Nishiwaki
401-8-19-2, Suido, Bunkyo-Ku,
Tokyo, JAPAN
Tel : +81-3-3817-7275


Exhibition in Aix En Provence, FRANCE 2012 SOLO

Exhibition in AIZU, FUKUSHIMA June,2011 SOLO

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