Illana Noea

Human Bird
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Illana Noea's work has been inspired by the forces of nature.The human body becomes a bird or a tree because it wants to become one with nature. The human mind somes times wants to fly in order to see the world differently. "As a child, I used to dream of flying and now through my paintings, I can continue to fly."

Educational & Professional Experience

1967: Born in Athens, Greece.

1986-89: Studied in Vakalo Art School (painting).

1994: Private studies in the art of engraving with the engraver Fotis Mastichiades: Illustrated anatomy and medical books/ poetry books etc.

1995: First exhibition in the alternative space AN LIVE, in Athens.

Awards and Honors

1995-97: Scholarship in Athens center of Journalism in the sector of design.

One-Person Exhibitions

1996: Solo Exhibition in Ermoupolis Hall, Syros Greece.

1997: Solo Exhibition in Pantazopoulios School, Kalamata, Greece.

1998: Solo Exhibition in Androgeo Gallery, Iraklio, Greece.

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