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Nadia was born in the Swiss lake side town of Vevey in 1981, but lived until 2002 in the mountainous state of Valais, from which she then moved to the city of Geneva, Switzerland.

She started following courses at ECAV (State Art School, Valais, Switzerland located in Sierre) where she was taught oil and acrylic painting technics while simultaneously studying Interior decoration, scene making, and art history.

She describes the process by which she creates her paintings as one born from spontaneity rather than being thought out, the dynamics of which brings vigor to her works. By exploring the notions of matter and depth, her goal is to give added dimension to her creations, which she feels is completed by her natural ease with the handling of colors.

Strongly influenced by Rothko, her creative process nevertheless gained independence over the years so that she now considers her work as her very own.

Affiliated to Artraction since 2011, her carrier has continued to evolve, notably with her participation in several shows, while she will be participating in several international contests in the months to come.

Artist Statement

Abstract landscapes, hues composed so as to clash, it is a pure research on color. There are fuchsia and ochre skies, storms and shelters, sometimes a frail silhouette sketched out of the immensity of this tumultuous world.

The strokes are fast and sometimes aggressive. Generous flat plains of colors come to meet, oppose, or crash into each other. From it comes a certain violence, sometimes involuntary run-ins between two opposites. It is a quest for the perfect, intense and unforgettable hue, an absolute necessity.

Current Career

Nadia has been working as an architect since 2011, with as responsibility the technical unity of the small children service of the town of Geneva, but plans to reduce this activity so as to have more time for her creative pursuits.

The HEAD (high school of artistic design) called on the polyvalence of her artistic competencies, naming her as expert juror for student architecture projects that same year. -The town of Geneva also appointed her as expert for an architectural contest in 2011, and as juror for the same in 2013.

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