Scott Munroe

Under the Spell
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From an early age I had the ability to draw, and did so constantly. After High School I briefly attended the Ivy School of Professional Art, Pittsburgh, PA (1970).

Colored pencils, the first medium I used for drawing, became my medium of choice. My style is a combination of Surrealism, "psychic automatic", with a touch of the spirit of Abstract Expressionism. The foundation of my work is rooted in the natural world, but invokes the Spiritualness of it as well. Nature provides the inspiration and colors; I provide the metamorphosis in the execution of those images, entangling the language of color with the extraordinary and the organic. I emply two techniques with the Prismacolor pencils on Bristol paper, burnishing and blending with petroleum jelly.

My current residence is in Reading, PA, with a membership at the Ward-Nasse Gallery, NYC.

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