Mohamed Maaroufi

Trace of Memory 1
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Trace of Memory 2
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Trace of Memory Series

Mohamed Maaroufi's artistic work is considered to be a reflection of self-presence. In other words, the domain of this artist is related to birth as a sign of showing the importance of human life itself. The presentation of the female body goes beyond a simple physical detail. On the contrary, Maaroufi's paintings represent the female body as a trace of memory. What remains, at the end, is simply a circulated form reminiscent of the womb wherein the baby identifies totally with the mother. Maaroufi has strong faith in art and likes to paint on the principle of breaking fences that separate man from man. His art reinforces the universality of human values regardless of the difference of religion, sex and race.

Maaroufi's art has been exposed to the public since 1986 in Morocco, France and the United states. A native of Morocco, the artist now lives and works in New York.

The ministry of Cultural Affairs of Morocco
The ministry of Youth and Sport of Morocco
Liaison Franco-Moroccan in Rabat, Morocco
Cite des Arts-Paris, France
Berlitz language Center in New York, USA
Ward-Nasse Gallery in New York, USA

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