Flory Menezes

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Reflexo 1
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Bronze Torso
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Flory Menezes:

"The essence of life can't be seen without the eyes of the heart."

"...believing in this, I has made the visual arts my form of expression. For me, Art is not just found in that which is beautiful or aesthetically perfect, but in between, in the force of an expression or a gesture, in the magic of a silent visual dialogue, which impassions us, moves us, or captivates us magically.

It is this magic that fascinates me, and that is why I am obsessed, working hours without noticing the passage of time and despite fatigue, replete with energy. The magic of art is the presentation of a thought, the materialization of a feeling and the sharing of this with all those synchronized to understand the message through form, of the light and of the colors.

Working professionally in drawing, painting and photograph since 1975, I have been passionate about sculpture since the beginning of the 90s. I literally hugged my first terracotta work, a material that allows me to work with the most refined finishes, thus distancing the sculpting from the crafts with which it is normally associated. I achieve almost photographic realism, always with a touch of surrealism which is inspired by mythical, historical, and esoteric symbolism. I also use bronze as material for my work.

With my work I have become a member of the Brazilian Academy of Fine Arts in Rio de Janeiro and my creations have been exhibited throughout Brazil, as well as in New York, New Jersey, and Paris."

Born in Rio de Janeiro , 5 of June of 1957.
Graduated in Archaeology.
Awarded in international competitions, I reached 34 years in Art.

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