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Wearing The Purple
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Mother Nature in Timespace
Dreams The World Into Existance

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Robert R. Morgan

Since September 11, 2001, humanity must perceive globally. The whole Earth has become our arena -- from our economic realities to acts of fanaticism. Most artists, including myself, like most people everywhere, are in shock, but will respond. Never as before, does humanity need new universally felt icons and images to pull us together: to reverse ecological imbalance and correct widening socioeconomic inequities. From our depths, holistic and logical knowledge must forge new living myths. Art must join science in advancing our evolution to realize long-deferred dreams of free and equal individuals, variations of a singular humanity.

Art is a means of projecting perceptions. Joseph Campbell has said that artists would provide the most revealing insights into our contemporary "mythic" void and truths. An anthropologist and student of realist and abstact artists, my own perceptions have opened. Now, I work to create images and a style that will consistently project the ever-expanding power of human cognition.

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