Charlotte Meijer

Mexican Blue I '97
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Mexican Blue II '97
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Mexican Blue III '97
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Venice Fralia
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Bleeding Fish '96
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Indians Place '96
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Charlotte Meijer

Charlotte Meijer
Marmerplein 13
3572CT Utrecht
phone: 0031634708097

"Painting is living a colourful life" I feel this urge to paint when I am filled up with thoughts and mixed emotions. I express these feelings in colour. The colours I use are often very expressive and clear. The subjects and meanings of my paintings are very different. They express my anger or involvement towards political issues. Or they express the emotions I feel during my travels, when I feel fortunate, seeing those beautiful things, colours, animals, and people.

I have made several paintings of the famous church in Barcelona., "The Sagrada Familia" by Gaudi and other paitngings of the beautiful coral reef in Australia, Indonesia, and the Maldives and my impression of New York, Manhattan.

I am stll working on the impressions I got during my trip to Morocco. All the different street scenes and the the colourful djellabahs, and the various handcrafts were very inspirational."

l984 -l989: Master degree, Sculpture and Painting 1989 -1991: Art School Arnhem; Sculpture and Painting

Work Sold to: Eiland Muziek; musicstore in Ernhem 'The Waves; 3 Paintings 1991

The Dutch Railway Company Struggle I, and II; 1992 Evora, Waterflow; 1993/1994 Flower of MineI, Turkey and women; 1995 Tuna pain; 1995

Interess Company Cocon; 1996 Private Collectors Chagall, Fire I and II Spring I and II: 1996 Manhattan Wild Turkey; 1996 Chair; 1997 Barcelona II;

Exhibitions Penta Scope Company Color of Fish; 1998

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