Chungia Moon

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Chungja Moon

Born Korea / Resident Alien U.S.A. Address U.S.A. 12539 great Park Circle, Apt. 104 German Town, MD 220876-5957, phone: (301)-515-5839

KOREA: 323-6 Daemyung 5-dong, Namgoo Daegu, Korea, Phone: (053) 626-6226, Fax (053) 656-6226; studio: (0563)36-3539

Exhibitions/Solo Shows: Art and Culture Hall, Taegu, Korea (1996.12.10-12.15) Seoul Gallery (Press Center), Seoul, Korea, (1996.10.29-11.3) The Gallery of Amerasia Bank, Flushing, New York, (1991.11.8-11.23) The Justart Gallery, New Jersey, (1991.10.l-10.15) Galerie Gaya, Village Suisse, Paris, France (1991.9.5-9.18) The Broome Street Gallery, Soho, New York, (1990.11.4-11.25)

Honors: Invited to be included in the American References Book American Artists

Art Education: Art Studen's League of New York, 1982-1986. Studied painting with Leo Manso, Keimyung University,Korea, 1973-75. M.A. Fine Arts

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