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Go Go Marchan is a photographer who travels the world with his camera and vision always alert to the mysterious disaster that awaits the fall of light on his always unsuspecting chance encounter with photographic greatness. He is also available to work weddings.

Since 1967 he has lived and worked in the following locations around the globe: Santiago, Chile; Panama; London, England; Spain; The Canary Islands; Scotland; Rumania; Wales; New Hampshire, USA; Quito, Equador; The Ecuadorian Andies; Galapagos, Archipielago; Atacama Desert, Chile; Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Paris, France; Brussels, Belgium; The East Village, NYC; Soho, NYC and Staten Island, NYC.

He is probably somewhere half-along with his current project, Portraits of the Penguins, deep into the summer light of western Antartica.

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