Louise Larose


Vent d'est






Originally from Montreal, I have the great fortune of teaching Visual Arts to high school students.

I do my utmost to convey this passion which is my essence. My goal is to provide a spark to my students' sense of creativity, and entice them to flourish through the visual arts. I hope to develop the poetic fibre of observation within each of them.

My varied body of work, at the boundaries of abstract and the figurative art, reflects the source of my inspiration. I incorporate into my art everything that excites me: nature, travel, freedom but also intuition and the purity of emotion. To paint for me is to open a door to a private universe.

After several years of watercolour and drawing, I soon discovered the endless freedom offered by acrylic. My priority then became the use of colour under my guidance to trace multiple paths, lines, shapes and textures. My work uses light to express powerful emotions through a mixture of contrasts.

After several exhibitions in Quebec, I had the opportunity to participate in international events in Brussels, Paris and New-York and my work is still present in Paris and New-York galleries.

It is my pleasure to welcome you into my world.

Louise Larose

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