Scott Landoll


Frozen Harbor


A natural artist and rock singer, Scott Landoll was born in Ohio in 1971. In highschool he used to draw famous people. Through the years Landoll has sold portraits from his home studio. His art was well received by "Art Without Walls" in Central Park, New York City in 2005. In the 1990's with a band called Shooting Stars Variety, Landoll received a Trailblazer Award in Nashville. Later one of his music producers received a portrait of Elvis. The comment was, "I met and knew Elvis, and it's dead on."

"I work in several mediums, including charcoal, oil and watercolor. I like to do landscapes and portraits. I owe my talent to God."


2007-2008 New Art International
Woodstock NY

2006-2008 Art In America
New York NY

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