Woo Chae Lee

Smile of Spring

You Inside Me

Tears of a Rose


Strength of Life
(Bryce Canyon)

Bleak New York City

Artist Statement

My work is about emotional expression through wide-ranging subjects. My eight solo exhibitions held in New York incorporated roses, still lives, landscapes, portraits, self-portraits, nudes, New York sceneries, and Western landscapes including Bryce Canyon. Emphasis is placed on the vigorous use of color, which plays the driving force of my work.

I am interested in formulating observed subjects through the lens of my personal emotions. I intend to interpret objective impressions with my intuition rather than to reproduce their illusive appearances.

When it comes to color, I used to obligatorily reflect on lights and shadows for its representational purpose but now I use color for expressive ends. The vibrating contrast of primary role colors became my palette. I draw attention to color by reducing the number and selecting intense hues.

My work is purely about expressions. Driven by aspired expression, I adopted red and orange as major colors and blue and green as secondary to provoke sensual resonance of the objects (1st-6th exhibitions). Objectivity resulted from thorough subjective exploration over the matters eventually departed me from visual illustration and led me to abstraction as pure forms and shapes.

Abstraction emerges when the order of changeless aspects is extracted as a form and shape from the endlessly-changing nature and connected to the personal status of mind. My use of color is symbolic, structural and expressive, liberated from its descriptive function. My attempt to search for true human emotions and spirit continues in my paintings with releasing my emotions in expressive and intuitive ways.


(Korea): Kangnam University (Professor Woo Chae LEE)
Kugali San6-2, Kiheong-Up, YongIn-City, KyungKi-Do
449-702, Seoul, South Korea
TEL : 82-31-280-3797(Korea)

(USA):13-07 127th st. 2FL
College Point
New York 11356 USA
(New York): TEL : 718-886-1714(USA)

E-mail : paris00700@hotmail.com


2004-2005 Exchange Professor, Baruch College-The City University of New York
1994-2005 Professor, Kangnam University, South Korea
1992 Ph.D., Art Marketing, Nice-Sophia Antipolice University, France
1988 Master. Nice-Sophia Antipolice University, France

One Person Shows:

Western landscapes, MANHATTAN OPEN CENTER GALLERY, New York, N.Y. New York sceneries, LITTLE NECK OPEN CENTER GALLERY, Little Neck, N.Y. Nudes, VISION GALLERY, Bayside N.Y. Portraits, FLUSHING OPEN CENTER GALLERY, Flushing, N.Y. Self-portraits, LITTLE NECK OPEN CENTER GALLERY, Little Neck, N.Y. 2004
Landscapes, VISION GALLERY, Bayside, N.Y. Still lifes, THE SILK MILL ARTS BUILDING, Union City, N.J. Roses, MANHATTAN OPEN CENTER GALLERY, New York, N.Y.


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Gallery Representation:

Member of Ward-Nasse Gallery(New York), Korean American Contemporary Arts(New York), Korean Fine Arts Association, Ihyonghoe, Yeomyeonghoe, Korean Youth Figurative Art Association, Seoul Songpa Fine Arts Association. Kyonggi Figurative Group, Environment Art Organization, Hyundae Sketching Association(Korea).

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