Maria E. Leather

Before the Storm
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The Gathering
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Maria E. Leather was born in Upstate New York, where she started creating art at the age of 5. Although, NYC has long since become her home base for creativity, all parts of the world have been a notable inspiration on her art and life.

Her formal training includes the study of Fine Arts and Theater Dance at The State University of Buffalo. She received her BFA in Illustration and Graphic Design at The Fashion Institute of Technology in N.Y. She has always maintained a close relationship with the fine arts world, in addition to, a career as a childrenswear and graphic designer, which has flourished over the years..

Leather's art, bright, colorful, and full of movement entices the viewer to come closer. Each piece has variant depth and a life of it's own. Never getting too literal, she allows for viewer interpretation. Her enthusiastic drive stems from life itself and all its myriad influences.

Skillfully combining her strong passion for the art of the Masters with her fascination of modern technology, Maria has produced a unique combination of the old and the new. All paintings are rendered on her computer, then printed on special papers, linen, or canvas. Most are reworked with pastels, hand made imported papers, found objects, and other mediums. The results... a fascinating twist on the term multi medium.

She exhibits in galleries through out NYC and has received several awards. You can also find her art reproduced in the 1998 publication of The Arts and Sciences Annual, OXYMORON volume 2, THE FRINGE.

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