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Artist Statement

Kirstine Kammerer was born and raised in the southern part of Jutland in Denmark. She grew up in a Danish family close to the German border. Since 1969 she has been living in suburban Copenhagen with her husband, the Bavarian composer, musician and music educator Edwin Kammerer and their two children Maria and Stephan. Kirstine Kammerer is trained in rhythmic pedagogy and she studied recorder with the Dutch professor and performer Eva Legene. From 1969 to 1991 she was a teacher at the Horsholm Kommunale Musikskole where she had a long and inspiring career, working with a very committed faculty, giving children and young people valuable musical training and memorable musical experiences. Among numerable concert engagements are a first performance of the Osceola-Suiten, composed by Edwin Kammerer for choir and orchestra, with poems from Karen Blixen's youth.

In 1992, she passed the HF Diploma in art specializing in the painter Emil Nolde, especially focusing on his work with watercolors. 1993-96 she studied classic drawing and chromatology. 1998 she graduated with Diploma in art history from Folkeuniversitetet in Copenhagen.

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