Photo by D James Dee

Susan Kotulak

"Reverse Ground Bamboo"
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"Shiro's Echo"
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Miscanthus Suite
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Old Havana
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"3 Sisters Ascending".
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Susan Kotulak is both a textile artist and a potter and has great interest in how the natural properties of materials can be used to enhance surface design imagery and textures.

Her textiles techniques include screen printing, monoprinting, shibori, rubbings over 3-D underlayments, and use of off-beat tools. She built a Soda Kiln and also does wood-fired pottery, and Raku. She has had Solo shows in each medium.

Her most recent solo show featured pairings of individual pottery and textile works, with the design of one inspired by the other, as influenced by a recent Japan trip.

Her wearable textile art has been shown for years from the Hamptons to Madison Avenue. She maintains studios in Soho and upstate New York, teaches workshops at Universities and Craft Schools. She has received a grant from the American Craft Council and has been featured in Surface Design magazine and Ceramics Monthly.

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