Helmut Kuhn

Desert Shadow
Giclee print

The Color Orange
Giclee print

Helmut Kuhn on Giclee Prints

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"Photography is the art of the moment, moments are gone if not captured by the photographer."

Helmut Kuhn is catching the moment in his sensitive photographs. His work illustrates a love and passion for nature.

Helmut Kuhn, a native son of Vienna, Austria, has established himself firmly among the clan of southwestern landscape art photographers.

As a twelve year old, he got his first camera. It was the beginning of a never ending fascination. Kuhn traveled to North America during his career, primarily in pursuit of special places and moments of natural majesty.

Moving to Sedona, Arizona, brought photography to the main focus in his life. Using the state of the art process of Giclee printing to produce long lasting highest quality prints on canvas gives him the possibility to present his art in a quality he was always looking for.

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