Meredith Kent

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Straw with Flowers
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I am a twenty eight year old native of Manhattan. I grew up in a home filled with plants, pets, and classical music which my father both played and composed.

As long as I can remember I was inspired on an almost daily basis to paint and/or draw. Usally I painted, and I've never left my preference for strong and deep color. The world of nature has always been my subject matter and I have a lot of technical knowledge of birds, butterflies, some other insects, and cats.

My B.F.A. is in computer art / design graphics. I've had recognition over the years for my paintings and, more recently, for my computer conceptions as well. I find I prefer painting as a means of fully satisfying my creative visions and my continuing study now is with accomplished painters. I expect I will paint for the rest of my life and consider this a privilege and a joy.

I have always been grateful for my ability to create visual art and hope those who view it will know some of the joy I have felt.

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