Sung Hong

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The Organized Chaos of the Self - 13
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Sung Hong was born in Korea. She is a graduate of Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington, DC. She has worked on painting for 10 years as an abstract artist.

Her paintings function as an experiment with automation, which means creating with the unconscious, rather than with the conscious mind and reason, and as an exploration of the relationships between geometric, or organic shapes and gestural abstraction. The paintings represent attempt to find balance and harmony between the conscious and the unconscious mind. Her struggles for organization within two minds are externalized in the comparison of colors, in the shapes of lines, in textures, and in order of layers. The paintings are about the nature of abstract art, about its relevance to more familiar features of human life, and about the communicative nature of art.

She has exhibited in Korea, New York, and Washington, DC and teaches Abstract Art in Chesapeake College, MD.

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