Sharon Hall

Mountain Visitation
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School of Fish
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Ms. Hall graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Michigan State University. Paintings from her Alien Spaceship series were featured in a show entitled "Landscape Escape" at the Ward-Nasse Gallery in February 1999. Additional paintings from the same series can be currently viewed at the ongoing Year Round Salon Exhibition also at the Ward-Nasse Gallery.

Images of extraterrestrial alien life forms and their spacecraft fill human history, hinting even at prehistoric visitations. Mass media imagery of alien flying saucers has been imprinted into the group consciousness of all industrialized peoples. Our alienation from the natural world is in direct proportion to our intense desire to embrace technology. Yet, in our mania to subjugate natural forces, we are ourselves dominated by fears of more advanced technologies which lie outside our grasp, in alien hands.

While painting these images, I feel strongly that they represent a profound truth in my world. I would not be surprised to look up into the sky at any time, and see a bevy of UFOs scanning a fiery horizon.

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