Manual Herrera

"Ol Blue Eyes"
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Still Life, Fruit and Wine
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Education: Manuel Herrera attended parochial schools but dropped out half way through high school. Acquired high school equivalency diploma while serving three years in US. Army from l945 to 1948.

Art Education: Attended a couple of art schools under the GI. Bill, the most prominent at the time being "Robert Louis Stevenson". Mostly self-taught, sketching and drawing since 9 years old. Also added a couple of years attending the "Art Students League" in New York . Also Rudolph DiPaola's Art Classes.

Awards: Has won many awards from Best in show to Honorable Mention while exhibiting with the Transit Authority Art Association and ACA (All Community Arts based in Brooklyln, Bay Ridge Fesival of the Arts, 4th Avenue 85th St, Brooklyn, New York..Exhibits: ACAA, Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn Federal Plaza Building, Broadway Near City Hall in New York City.Catherdral of St. John The Divine,110th Street and Amsterdam Avenue, New York City.Brooklyn Union Gas Co. near Court Street, in Brooklyn.

Philosophy: Manuel Hererra has tried to portray in his paintings the vivid realism of life and the objects around him in order to express the beauty of the world in which we live.

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