Maria Franca Grisolia

Broken Love


Love of Granmother

The Awakening of Senses

The Mask

The Refusal

Artist Statement


Maria Franca Grisolia is an artist of Dominican origins working in Italy.

She was recently represented at several Italian art exhibitions: Milan, Ferrara, Artexpo Padua, Rome, Taormina, Forli Fair, Turin, Palermo, Florence and, since 2000, at these International exhibitions: Artexpo New York, Gallery "Esart" Barcelona, Spain, Gallery "Amart" Bruxelles, Belgium, "Asociacion Cultural Valentin Ruiz Aznar" Granada, Spain.

The Dominican cultural roots blend in with her training and activity developed in Italy. Her work ranges from oil painting, drawing, ink painting. Through painting she communicates her ideas and proposes a research based on the female universe, on woman’s identity in a world where sexuality, imagination and sensibility merge. Shape and colours are used as means of expressing an inner condition through the overcoming of improvisation. The calm and austere representation with its dignified humanity celebrates the human beings in their weaknesses and differences. Maria Franca Grisolia production expresses a constant analysis that nourishes the classic figurative tradition being aware that the knowledge of the ancient art is a basic requirement for appraising modern art.

She was appointed as "Academy Associate" for Arts by the International Academy Verbano "Greci-Marino".

For her personal data you can look up in the "Dizionario enciclopedico d’arte moderna e contemporanea 2009" Ed. Roberto Poviani - Ferrara and in "Avanguardie artistiche 2009" Ed. Sandro Serradifalco - Palermo.

You can find her works at the Museum "Cesare Pavese" Santo Stefano Belbo (CN) Italy - "Museo Comunale" Praja a mare (Cs) Italy - Museum "A.Gualda" Mexico - and in private houses in Milan, Perugia, Naples, Rome, Cosenza, Scalea, Santo Domingo.

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